13 Indicators of Awakening: Priest/essing as a Spiritual Vocation by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


Blessings all. The specific unfolding of spiritual awakening is unique to every Soul. These indicators are not a ‘checklist’ for you to feel the need to follow, but markers which I hope you will resonate with. We are all different, and beautifully so.

(1) You start doing things, knowing that whatever happens is for the Best. You are no longer attached to the Outcome and have total Faith in the idea that ‘Whatever will be, will be’.

(2) You find yourself compelled to assist others (if you can) who show similar signs of awakening. You want to seek out and relate to others who share a similar path. You feel as though you’re working towards something a whole lot bigger than just one person, and you have your role to play in it.

(3) You need to find some time each day, even if it’s just for a few minutes, to commune with the Divine in some form. Over time, your prayers shift from you – to your family – to the wider community – to the Globe – to the Universe – to All-That-Exists.

(4) Prayers no longer feel like a space-time where you ask for something. You give thanks, or more often, simply just Be.

(5) You find yourself at the vanguard of change, watching the skies or sensing shifts in energetic vibrations – and ‘know’ what’s coming. 

(6) You place yourself where needed to facilitate as many as you can through those changes. And this is important: You do so, not out of Ego, or ‘playing the Hero(ine)’, but because … that’s … just what you do, who you are.

(7) You find giving, helping and serving others to be ‘natural’ for you – usually to the point where drawing healthy boundaries tends to be the lesson you seek to learn. (Some might experience the opposite- overly rigid boundaries that need to be loosened or more nuanced)

(8) Very often, you find yourself remarkably stoic or somehow … accepting of life-transitions that seem to hit others like a tonne of bricks. You often play the role of the ‘witness’, ‘holding space’ for others shifting through powerful transformations. People wonder how you do manage to do so much, for so many, in this way.

(9) You are strongly drawn to certain cultures, ceremonies, rituals, artifacts, mantras and have recollections of temples or shrines which you have never visited, or consciously heard of, in this present incarnation. Visiting these places or meeting people who have awakens memories and emotions from a time long past.

(10) You see the World and all of Creation as a Miracle. All of it. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, the Beautiful. 

(11) You find yourself frequently inhabiting multi-verses, or multiple worlds at once. Hidden or veiled information is shown to you. And as you learn more, you see that your knowledge is given for you to use it in service of a Truer Cause.

(12) You take absolutely nothing for granted, and constantly seek to exist in a state of balance or equilibrium with your inner and outer worlds – and in the grand scheme of the Cosmos.

(13) You _know_ you’re magic. And you’ve got a job to do with all the wonder and miraculous energy that is You. 

Blessings to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


Image: Prayer Offerings at Manakamana Temple (Nepal), 2014. Photo by Bairavee Balasubramaniam. All rights reserved, please do not use without obtaining prior permission.

VESTA, Goddess Asteroid of Priest/essing: A Few Notes by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


In the skies right now, Vesta is part of a Grand Trine and a near-Grand Sextile, as I discussed Earlier. She is helping us to (re) birth a Goddess-friendly intuitive paradigm, along with Juno in Cancer and Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. Juno is the element and energy of Divine Feminine energy as a whole – we know her as Asherah, Sophia-Gaia, Shakti – and so on. Vesta is her Priestess, tending the Sacred Flame in the Self and Others. And Neptune Retrograde drives us to dig deeper and to look at the Truth in our own Spiritual Conceptions.

Vesta generally asks us to look into ourselves, our most initimate (often sexual, reproductive) wounds that block our sacred-creative energy and Connection with Life-Source. She tells us that the healing of these wounds will allow us to tap into the wealth of regenerative, spiritually nourishing energy once more. She tells us how to Light the Lamp in ourselves, yet Again… Glowing with the Energy of the Goddess. In Scorpio (where she is now at 7 degrees), these lessons are further emphasized and highlighted. The challenge here is to know how to give, and how much.

Vesta, at present, is conjunct the asteroid Eurydike – Eurydike was a mythological figure associated with death by serpent, and confinement in the Underworld. There are many ways to interpret her mythology, but it resonates strongly with the element of sacrifice in the name of love. Her husband, Orpheus, fails to retrieve her from the Underworld as he is not willing to have faith and disobeys the condition of her release from death – to not turn around as he walks out of the place. He turns to look, and *poof* she’s gone.

With Vesta conjunct Eurydike, priest/esses in service of the Awakening Divine Feminine will be especially challenged all around to globe to sacrifice something or another. The question is what, why, and how? Sometimes it may be a sexual partner, other times, it may be an intimate friendship that is no longer compatible with your path. It can even be an outmoded view, as painful as it is, that you cling on to and limit yourself with.

But something clearly has to go – Give it up, but know why you do so.

Vesta/Eurydike oppose Bienor, another asteroid, at 7 deg Taurus. Bienor has many interpretations, most of which center around strength, and some concept of integrity. In opposition to Scorpio’s sexuality, underworld affiliations, healing/regenerative ability and deep magical connections – Bienor is likely to question how you manifest these Scorpionic energies through your activities of priest/essing.

It is important to note that the inclusion of Bienor completes the Grand Sextile – it would trine Mercury in Virgo (which opposes Neptune Retrograde) and Pluto in Capricorn (which opposes Juno in Cancer). So the act of service-integrity-sacrifice in your spiritual vocation, calling or path leads to a powerful anchoring of Energies for Manifestation.

Bienor represents a position of power that can also house those who perceive themselves to be ‘maintaining the status quo’ (Taurus), and casting judgment, or creating resistance to your Scorpio-based activities. The Priest/ess, facing this judgment, must then choose to respond to it with integrity, rather than revenge, retaliation or a further cycle of judgment or blame.

Perhaps what we’re called now is to Sacrifice the sense of control that Scorpio so enjoys and to realize that this Path is not a comfortable, or an easy one. It is ancient, but is also deeply challenging. At times we are called not to hit back, when we are attacked. At times, we are called to smile, stay still in the line of fire.

Wholly ignoring the Ego, we are called to Burn, Burn with the Flames of Spirit. I would associate this energy with Joan of Arc, with the Witches of Salem, with the energy of the Condemned, and hunted Feminine Spiritual Facilitator – She (or He) that has embraced the Divine Feminine in a spiritual vocation of Priest/essing in Her Name.

Now all this doesn’t mean you’re supposed to throw yourselves into a literal fire or anything. That’s where Eurydike’s lesson comes in: Perhaps it’s letting go of a snide remark or judgmental attitude towards you or your path. Perhaps it’s releasing yourself from a bond where you can’t continue your path without facing daily attack or criticism. Perhaps it’s simply Aligning yourself with Spirit, and realizing that whatever challenges and vulnerability we might feel now is just part of our Collective Learning Curve as part of this Massive Awakening.

In whatever way this challenge arises, and it will – especially Jupiter (at 7 deg Leo, loosely conjunct Venus at 9 deg Leo) is squaring Vesta (7 deg Scorpio), we’re likely to face criticism or the heavy hand of the judgment by others.

Stand Tall as your Tend To Your Sacred Fires, Sisters and Brothers.

For those interested – I speak about these energies here:http://wp.me/p4OUNS-4L

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: Frederic Leighton [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Vanakam, Namaste and Blessings to all. My video speaks of the energies currently in the sky that issue an energetic challenge to us all, particularly those who take up the spiritual vocation of priest/essing, or facilitating spiritual services that involve the integration of Divine Feminine energy. These challenges are precipitated by key alignments of yods and a Near-Grand-Sextile in the sky, explained in full here: http://wp.me/p4OUNS-4H

The way we respond to these challenges of judgment and perceived wounding shall anchor a pathway of manifestation that gives rise to, or suppresses, our Inner Priest/ess from Awakening. The choice is yours as to how you respond to these challenges – remember that they occur with the energetic alignments of the G.Sextile and Double Yod I describe in my article.

I have shared relevant links to articles addressing the themes of Priest/essing-Choosing-Wounding-Transcending on my FB pages for those interested.

Blessings to all,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Founder Admin of ~ The Goddess, The Serpent and The Sea: Building Pathways of Light ~ The Dark Mother’s Children ~ I AM Rising: The Goddess Awakens ~

ENERGIES OF THE NOW: 19/8/14, 5:33 pm, GMT + 8 by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Energies of the Now

Blessings all,

Quite an epic alignment in the skies right now – especially for Awakening Priestesses (or Priests who serve both aspects of Divinity) and those who recognize the Re-Emergence of the Divine Feminine in general.

We have a Near-Grand Sextile, all it needs is anything between 3-7 Taurus to bring it into full form. So ample opportunities for manifestation, once again. It’s pretty unusual to have so many of them involving slower-moving planets. If you wanted any indication of the significance of this time in our collective evolution, that would be a clear sign of it.

The alignment right now is one that can really work in an either/or sense of the term. It leaves little room for middle ground.

At present we have Mercury in Virgo opposed Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. Watch out for intellectual, verbal or philosophical disagreements surroundings questions of your/others spirituality. It’s just not worth getting into conflicts over that kind of stuff right now. Let all follow the Path they are guided to, unless it directly interferes with your own. If someone has a different belief, they are entitled to it, and unless they yell in a room each time you wish to pray – let them be with grace.

This conflict feeds into the Grand Sextile in the skies – and into a strong Yod. The Yod is between Neptune Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde, apexing at Jupiter conjunct Venus. A fundamental challenge to your belief and value system, mode of evaluation/perception/judgment will be presented at this time. For some, this will focus upon romance, for others, the expression of their femininity, and for some in their most vulnerable selves – the Inner Child Complex. Some will manifest this as a powerful wounding, whereas others will dance with the wisdom of inspired, transcendental and spiritual healing.

Jupiter conjunct Venus is strongly squared Vesta in Scorpio now, where she sits with Ceres, Mars and Saturn. For those who identify with the archetype of the priestess, this energy will be strongly activated or challenged through some form of ‘crisis’ at this time. Past memories buried in the subconscious, deeply rooted beliefs that block you or scare you into not claiming your power, not performing your duties, not connecting with Source can emerge at this time. Others may manifest this challenge more palpably in the question of setting intimate boundaries with others, or when sharing (energetic or other) resources. Boundaries are important, but know why you set it – it is out of Fear, or Self-Love?

Another yod also adds to the intensity of the energies in the sky: Gemini Moon sextiles Uranus Retrograde in Aries, both apexing at Saturn (closely conjunct Mars) in Scorpio. As this energy is also close to Vesta, I suspect these yods are going to trigger deep karmic dynamics in many. The Moon makes us question what we know, how we know it, and how we express ourselves as we do. Old memories from early childhood and lessons from siblings are likely to feature heavily now. Uranus Retrograde in Aries makes us prone to understand ourselves at a transcendental level through internal mental processes and reflections. Erratic communication from external sources can also trigger these processes in an unexpected manner.

With the apex of the Yod in super-charged Scorpio, this tells – once again – that the Depths of the Psyche, Issues of Boundaries, Karma – and particularly one’s relationship with Masculine energy will be questioned. What do you let into your life, and how? Note that both Venus and Mars are involved in Yods – I expect this to be a time where many are likely to see some extreme change in their lovelifes and in the balance of Masculine/Feminine energies within themselves also. Remember that Saturn is squared Lilith – expect energies of the Dark Feminine (Kali Ma, Hekate, Lilith, Pele, the repressed or suppressed Feminine energy) to present in your lives, making Herself known.

I hope this information is of use to you. Here’s a video describing these energies and the influence of Jupiter-Venus, charging the whole thing:

Blessings to all,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Founder Admin of ~ The Goddess, The Serpent and The Sea: Building Pathways of Light ~ The Dark Mother’s Children ~ I AM Rising: The Goddess Awakens ~

TO THE BEARER OF THE POISONED BLADE…. A Poem by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD



Try as you may to pierce the soft underbelly of my love,
With judgment, with rejection, in the name of all Above,
Wiccan I stand, Pagan I remain,
Witch I embody, Dark Goddess in my name,
Only in Love, never in Shame.

For to judge is to hurt, is to harm, is to create,
A division born of fear,
Hate disguised as Scripted Fate,
So listen to me, my sweet child, my dear….

I shall simply not reciprocate,
This boundary you try to create, the illusion to replicate,
For to your Soul, no matter the choice of path, I can relate,
The Same Song of Creation, in Matter Incarnate.

Slander me, and I shall love you just the same,
Betray me, and I shall forgive you with no hatred to your name,
Sorry, love…
But I can’t play the hate-game of blame.

Your dagger I remove with the Songs of Old,
Your poison I draw out and transmute to gold,
Silver surrounds and embraces the whole,
Healing vibrations through me unfold.

You can’t cut me down with hate,
Nor with pain can you bait,
For I go forth with Faith,
As Best I can,

Love Incarnate.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image Credit: By Rebecca Kennison (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html), CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) or CC-BY-2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons


Today, August 18, 2016, my father turns 65. Known as ‘ Thannambikai Balasubramaniam ‘, or ‘Thannambikkai Bala’ to the Malaysian-Tamil public, my father is known as the Pioneer of Tamil-Language Motivational Seminars in Malaysia. It was he who coined the well-known phrase ‘Thanmunaippu Payirtchi’ (Self-Confidence Seminar) in the Tamil language – a term that so many now use without a second thought.


He has literally spoken to hundreds of thousands of people in Malaysia and abroad, through live audiences, through TV, Radio and other platforms in over 25 countries and global cities across Europe, Asia and Africa. He has dedicated years of his life to the service and upliftment of the Malaysian-Tamil community and of preserving the cultural integrity and artistic heritage of the Tamil culture.


An entirely self-made man, my father rose from very humble beginnings. He was born in a rubber estate, his mother was a rubber tapper and his father was a cook for the British overseer running the place. As he got older, he ventured into different kinds of businesses, and was fueled by idealism, passion and strong sense of destiny. Eventually he entered the insurance industry, and later built his own platform as a motivational pioneer and speaker.

Some of the high points of his career took place in the 1990s, with the foundation of Thannambikkai Maiyam (Center) that pioneered a new format for the motivational seminar (in the Tamil language), that introduced the concept of motivation for students (academic motivation), that broke so much ground in the attempt to raise consciousness and awareness of the power of the Self through the Sub-Conscious Mind. Thousands of Malaysian-Tamils have kept my father’s ‘Vetri Nitchayam’ poster in their homes – Some of them still do. During this time he also released the ‘Vetri Nitchayam’ tape cassette – a recording of his speeches – Many a Tamil has been moved to transform his/her life by listening to that one tape alone. I’ve seen so many people come up to him over the years – never having met him in person – but thanked him for the change he made in their lives – just through that one tape


In this period he also edited the Thannambikkai Magazine, the first Tamil-language publication devoid of politics, cinema, religion, gossip or current affairs. He facilitated the publication and sale of the ‘Thangga Thirukural’, a Gold-Dusted Tome housing the intellectual heritage of ancient Tamil philosophy as written by Sage Thiruvallular. He even founded INTAMM – the International Tamils Motivational Movement.

There’s so much more I could say about my father, in terms of achievements, his evolution, his legacy and contribution to the global Tamil diaspora – but I think I’ll stop there as there is so much more he is yet to accomplish – as he enters a new phase in his life: of the spiritual seeker.

For me, watching my father on stage as I was growing up was like watching a volcano dance. He roared, he raged, his passion and convictions lit up the aspirations of an entire generation. He summoned the sleeping warriors within so many and awakened them to the possibility of their own greatness. Many, including myself, saw him as a Lion. Some of us still do.


But that’s just one side of him. The social reformer, the visionary, the humanitarian, the motivational speaker – these are just selected aspects of a truly complex human being.

For me, my father’s greatest strength and gift to society, to the world – isn’t his voice or his passion – but his heart. He inspired people – he inspired me (and continues to inspire me) through the sheer greatness, the size, the breadth and depth of capacity to Unconditionally Love another human being.

I call him a ‘Champion Hugger’ – if there was an Olympic contest for hugging – he bags the gold every time. He is a deeply loyal, caring and nurturing man and many call him ‘Appa’ or ‘Uncle’ out of the love that his heart spontaneously evokes in others. I know one young man who searched for him for 10 years just so he could have a hug from my father once more. It’s a different kind of magic – us Tamils would know it as ‘Anbu’ (Compassion).

It is difficult for some to even find the space to love one person in their heart (beyond their own family), but somehow – my father managed to fit in an entire society.

He has so much Love to give, and when he stands by you it is as though no force on earth can shake you or move you. For when my father believes in someone, they feel invincible. They grow their wings, and learn to fly. Eventually, they Soar.

Perhaps that is the greatest secret to his success as a motivator, to his unquestionable legacy of awakening that he has created within Tamils across the globe, within all those who have been touched by his words or his heart – and within myself.

To honor my father on his 65th birthday, I thought that the best I could do was to tell a small part of his story – the Man behind the Motivation. There’s so much more that one can say, but I’ll end it here saying:

Happy Birthday Appa 1

I consider it one my life’s greatest blessings to have the honor and privilege of being your daughter.

Here’s to many more decades of Inspiration, Love, and Awakening. I know that the best, for you, is yet to come.


Best Wishes from Your Daughter,

Bairavee Balasubramaniam



Aug 15, 2014 11:13 pm – August 16, 2014 7:28 pm , GMT + 8

Blessings to all,

We’ve been having a nearly-perfect Grand Sextile in the Skies, owing to the motion of the Moon through Taurus. The sky is lit up with this energy and it is a wonderful opportunity to manifest abundance in whatever form you desire it (externally – as wealth, or internally – as self-esteem and other inner resources). Remember to check with Spirit to see if the intentions you put out there are aligned with your Path, or if they are just serving the Ego.

The Grand Sextile is slightly imperfect owing to the lack of a trine between the Moon and Pluto Rx, as well as Mercury and Pluto Rx. A weak Moon-Pluto Rx trine does come into being, but it’s the Mercury-Pluto Rx channel of energy that we need to focus on in order to activate the Miracles of Manifestation inherent in the Grand Sextile.

Mercury has just entered Virgo (12:38 am, August 16) and is seeking to trine Pluto Rx at 11 Capricorn. Mercury is particularly strong in the sign of the Priest/ess, the Self-Sufficient Being able to Manifest Needs and still Serve Others in this Earthly Plane.

The charts show us what energies the planets bring to the table as it were. here’s nothing to say that we can’t manifest those energies for ourselves with focused intention and spiritual alignment and attunement.

The missing energies from this configuration (that make it a near-Grand Sextile) are trines between the Taurus Moon and Pluto Rx, as well as Mercury and Pluto Rx. A weak Moon – Pluto Rx trine does form later on through its own motion in the sky, however, the Mercury-Pluto Rx trine is one which we shall have to bring into our lives through our own efforts.

Virgo (where Mercury is) and Capricorn (where Pluto Rx is) are both Earth signs. Consider how you exist and live in this material plane, and what you wish you could manifest and dissolve. Use your intellect, analysis and perceptive abilities to gain a better understanding of how you are embodied in this world, and how this world is embodied through you. Thinking about what your choices are and how they relate to society’s understanding of what is ‘successful, appropriate, legitimate, desirable’, etc. can help you see if your desires are driven by the Super-Ego, or not.

This is a time to Use the Mind to Penetrate your Understanding of the Material World and find Your Authentic Relationship with it.

In addition to these aspects, we will also be experiencing an intense T-Square. The Taurus Moon opposes multiple bodies (Ceres, Vesta, Mars) in Scorpio. A classic conflict ensues between your assertive desires and energy of transformation – with – your emotional desires to feel secure through comfort and stability. The Moon seeks to enjoy what already is, whilst Mars and Ceres and Vesta are pushing you to dig deep (through the Earth that Taurus dances upon), to find what is Powerfully and Truly Your Own Vision of Material Incarnation.

This powerful opposition will form, on both sides, a square to the energies of Jupiter and Venus, preparing for their conjunction on August 18th. This is the apex of the T-Square. Here, we are challenged to refine the way we judge, perceive, evaluate and relate to the material world. We are challenged to learn and embody the lessons of balance and stability – along with profound transformation and disruption (where necessary). We are called to find a relationship of loving detachment (owing things, but not being owned by them) to all aspects of material life, spiritual/religious teachings, understandings of femininity and romantic partnerships. Women, in particular, are likely to feel an intensification of those aspects which they associate with their femininity. In the sign of Leo, housing Jupiter and Venus, this T-square is likely to erupt and emerge in the form of a bold declaration of self, or self-assertion. Great creative works that celebrate the beauty of loving detachment are possible at this time. Great writings and teachings on the subject that allow you to live and love your earthly body and life, without losing sight of the Spirit that runs through all is possible, and encouraged.

So this is what’s happening now in the skies, and will continue for the next 15.5 hours.

Blessings and Love to All,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, INDIA! 67 years of Independence, Growth and Transformation … and counting. By Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Happy Birthday India

AUGUST 15, 1947: INDIA’S INDEPENDENCE DAY (Happy Birthday, India!)

Today, over a billion people will be celebrating their independence, and the declaration of their sovereignty as a free republic. It is India’s Independence Day, and she’s celebrating it for the 67th time.

There are so many reasons to celebrate this day, for Indians in India and those of Indian origin living abroad. But, by the same token, there are plenty of reasons to reflect upon what else the nation seeks to accomplish, before all its citizens can be truly declared as ‘free’. For too many are still ensnared by the yoke of poverty, communalism, the fear of violence or degradation, and so on.

August 15th marks the transfer of power from a territory claimed and administered by the British Raj. This ceremony took place at the Red Fort in New Delhi where – at the stroke of Midnight. A day prior, in India’s Constituent Assembly, its first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru delivered his oft-quoted speech: ‘Tryst with Destiny’. Here’s a link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzdVKGdZUpQ

But through the celebrations of freedom, one also has to remember that elsewhere, at the borders, the bloody wars of Partition raged on. It was not an easy birthing for the nation as it was born through a dual separation: (1) through the formality of British ceremony and legal codes and (2) through the forced cleavage of a land in the name of communal politics.

As we wave our flags and sing our anthems today, this shadow ought not be forgotten.

India’s political history is a long and multifaceted one, but this much can be said without controversy: Its independence was procured through the efforts of nation-wide struggle, that began with the nationalist movement. In its earliest form, it was a movement led by a ‘microscopic minority’ (to quote a former Viceroy of India) of Western-educated Indians – you could call them the liberal intelligentsia of their time. The movement acquired mass appeal and participation when Mahatma Gandhi entered the scene. Men and women rose in union as part of satyagraha (peaceful struggle), though there were contemporaries seeking to free India from its colonial oppressors through the use of violence as well.

The Constitution, legislative procedures and electoral arrangements of contemporary India bear witness to India’s colonial past. The Indian Parliament retains certain ritual performances and conducts ceremonies in ways strongly reminiscent of the ‘Mother of Parliaments’, i.e. Westminster. It is little wonder as, considering that the body of individuals tasked with drafting the new Republic’s constitution were largely made up of lawyers well versed in the language of British law.

That being said, despite (or perhaps, through) India’s legal inheritance, the Indian political sphere lives, breathes, thrives in displays of colourful authenticity. The performance of politics, as seen in parliament and state assemblies, is becoming increasingly ‘vernacularized’ – that is to say, it reflects certain social customs, mores, norms, and expectations of performance in line with the people of the land itself.

As I argued in my PhD on the Indian Parliament, let us not judge India on the basis of expectations set in a time so heavily influenced by colonial frameworks and standards – and as I awoke to this morning (listening to a professor on TV) – let us not judge it in terms of the accomplishments made by other countries, but by and on its own terms and ideals.

For India -is, was, and always will be – the world’s largest experiment in democracy. That understanding of democracy is deepening, transforming and evolving as we speak – showing us ways that it has matured in 67 years of growth, and areas which it is in dire need of attention.

For all of its economic development, and (relative) political stability, India still lags behind in areas pertaining to sustainable economic development, social equality, gendered equality, violence against women, and other issues – as judged by the ideals of its own Constitution.

Whilst I was not born in India, I am of Southern Indian origin. I’ve lived there with my family and have also conducted research on its political institutions. It is an identity that I am proud to affiliate myself with, but with the recognition – that there are still challenges to tackle, ways to evolve and new milestones to reach.

So here’s to 67 years of growth and many more to come!

Happy Birthday, India!

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD
Author of ‘The Dramaturgy of Ritual Performances in Indian Parliamentary Debates’, PhD thesis – http://wrap.warwick.ac.uk/54359/

Image Montage: Own photo, Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2010. All rights reserved.
and (the image of the lions & flag) By Mellisa Anthony Jones at en.wikipedia [CC-BY-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

I WANT TO SEE YOU IN ANOTHER WAY : A Poem by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Amaa with goat on the front porch



Be grateful for that one voice that stands apart from the crowd,
A whisper, a murmur, a vigilante-watcher shouting out loud and proud…
Be grateful for that person that makes you question, rather than doubt,
For you have nothing to lose, the Universe’s work is about.

Be loving to that soul that said – I want to see you in another way,
Cherish this time where you are challenged to say,
Let me see your Love and your views of today.

We’ll find a place, a space of grace,
Where your world and mine can respectfully embrace,
And we’ll make waves…

That Ripple of Love, That Olive Branch, That White Dove,
We’ll transform all in its way,
Even hatred … held at bay,

What else can I say to that Alchemy of Spirit?
That Fire of Transmutation?
The Expansion of Perception, The Rejection of Rejection…

Except ….

By Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Image: By [http://flickr.com/photos/35943421@N00 saipal] (Flickr) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Why do I call myself a Priestess? A Reflection by Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

It’s a question I’ve been wanting to answer. So I did 🙂 And I hope my reflections on the subject will be of use to others in their journey as well. I know many have inspired my own, and so the Cycle continues ❤ ❤ ❤

Here I speak of embodiment and honoring the Unity and Diversity that is within us all. Let’s ask ourselves, as individuals, as a collective – How do we Rise with Authenticity?

Blessings to all,
Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Blessings and Love to All,

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD