Session Protocol with The Sky Priestess

I have prepared this document as a means to provide clear and detailed information to prepare and orient a client seeking to work with me. As what I do is unique to my style of facilitation, each client should read this document at least once before we begin the work.

That being said, if you are unable or willing to respect this process, please communicate that to me within (at most) 24 hours of receiving this email confirmation.

I will then proceed to cancel your session booking and refund you should you feel your requirements differ from what is offered and how. 

(1) The work that I do is extremely sensitive, fluid and context-specific.

This is not a regular astrological reading, it is a deeply spiritual encounter.

I do not spend time with your chart beforehand as the energetic facilitation begins the moment I look at your chart.

What comes through is a direct download / inspiration from Spirit at the exact time we speak. My preference is to draw the chart together with first-time clients, and then ….. the work begins.

(2) I may need to delay the session if I have an emergency case or if I need to rest a little or take time to clear space. The safety of my clients, myself and loved ones is my priority.

(3) In extreme cases, when dealing with energy-heavy clients or am in a situation where I feel I will need too long to clear the space, I may cancel sessions for the day. I have to look at my reserves, the energy of the day, and the energy that you might need me to be able to hold for your session.

Please do not see this as a disrespect of your time in any way. I value your trust in me and my work, and I ask that you trust my judgment.

(4) I may also ask you to move a session if there is an emergency on my end as I too am human and would afford you the same courtesy.

Communicate with me if something serious comes up your end all of a sudden – I would be happy to move your session, however, you are not entitled to a refund unless I feel that it’s not a fit. (In one case, I followed up with a woman for three years before she finally felt ready for her session)

(5) If we complete the session in less time than required, you will be offered a partial refund unless you choose to leave it as a donation towards my work.

In some cases, I may suggest transferring the rest of your session to a different date/time suited to your personal chart and experience.

(6) If we go over the time, beyond the 5-minute grace period, you will be billed at a rate of USD 3.5/minute .

Please pay this as soon as the session is done or on the same/following day.

(7) You will receive your audio recording within 2 weeks of your session unless there is a good reason why a recording may not be suitable for you. Usually this applies to people with extreme trauma (who are triggered by hearing their own narrative) or those who are overly sensitive to strong psychic vibrations.

Recordings may be delayed if there are very dense vibes in the skies, but you will receive one.

Please note that the recording is a courtesy: what you pay for is the session itself.

(8) All recordings of the session, be it what I send you, or what you record yourself are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Session.

They are highly confidential and exclusively for your personal use.

They are not to be shared owing to the highly sensitive nature of the information.

(9) If your Method of Communication is Zoom:

– You will receive a link just before the session.

Even if you have my zoom meeting room id, wait for that email. I may be in the midst of clearing the space.

(10) If your Method of Communication is Whatsapp:

– I will send you a message just before we are due to begin. If you have not provided your phone number in the booking form it will be an email instead.

(11) If your Method of Communication is Skype:

– Please add me at theskypriestess and send me a message.

Please do not call until I give you the go-ahead as (you guessed it) … I may be clearing space.

(12) It is worth you re-checking that you have sent me the correct date, time and place of birth for the session itself.

Remember – wait for me to contact you!

Sometimes it might be your own energy that I’m clearing and making the right room for in the session 🙂

(13) It is worth you re-orienting yourself with the focus and groundedness required of you in being open and receptive to the deep work that is being done.

Whilst I absolutely respect you as a soul, I am not here to placate egoes. You were supposed to read the document appended below before you hit confirm – please make sure that you do :

What What I Do Is Not For Everyone:…

I sincerely hope that this document provides you with a clear and structured overview as to how to best orient yourself to work that I offer.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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