Blessings All. I was privileged to be at Glastonbury Tor, Somerset during the sunset of the Winter Solstice in 2012. Many of us in the spiritual world celebrated this date as the beginning of New Age, according to more commonly accepted calculations of the Mayan Calendar. There is a general agreement that we are certainly, if not already in,  at the brink of the Age of Aquarius.

Some believe Glastonbury to represent the Heart Chakra of the World, specifically the High Altar of Glastonbury Abbey. Many associate this land with Avalon and the energies of familiar archetypes such as Merlin, King Arthur, Queen Guinevere and so on. Other accounts link the energies of the Magdalene and the Knights Templar to this land – and many other ancient spiritual traditions. A land shrouded in mystery, magic … and oh so palpably powerful.


Glastonbury Tor is a hill which overlooks Somerset Levels, Dorset, Wiltshire and Wales. It is topped by a roofless Tower dedicated to St. Michael – a now iconic landmark. It’s not terribly high, it doesn’t have a very sharp slope or inclination (there’s a steeper path you can choose to take if you like) – though it can be daunting the first time you go. The Tor, along with Chalice Well (the Red Spring), the White Spring, Glastonbury Abbey are some of the more well-known landmarks of this profoundly spiritual and mystical land. There are other places of interest and a lot of deep magic in the countryside to be found – as well as a Glastonbury Goddess Temple which holds events of various kinds.


At the time of sunset, on 21.12.12 , I recall looking at the air around the Tor and the scenic views it afforded of the low-laying countryside around it. The air was alive, electric. So electric that you almost see flashes of yellow, pink, green energies dancing together and crackling! A local resident brought a drum and people began dancing rhythmically, powerfully during this intense energetic transition. I shall never forget one dancer: a beautiful middle-aged woman with wild, long, flowing gray hair. Before she began, she looked just like any other person. But as her body began to shake and quake with the rhythms of the drum, she transformed – in my eyes – into a mythical Goddess in a human body. She didn’t look real somehow, but there she was – dancing Divinity. As was that primal beat – I swear I heard that beat the day prior on the bus to Glastonbury, miles away from the Tor itself. But I knew it, it had called to me. And I’d listened.

(To Be Continued …)

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD


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About Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

Hello everyone,

My name is Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD.

I was born in Malaysia, of ethnic Tamil (South Indian) heritage and have been skipping across the globe (North America, Europe, Asia) since I was 16 on merit-based scholarships and awards from various universities.

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I was one of those kids who read a lot and began using encyclopedias when I was 4 – in my early teens, I was certified as having a Mensan IQ of 172, in the top 2% of the global population, i.e. a genius-level score. (Thank you mum for letting me follow my own curiosity, for teaching me how to stand up for myself – and for the encyclopedia set). After finishing primary school at 11, I basically took my education – and my future – into my own hands. In other words, I am auto-didactic/a self-taught learner.

I finished my high school education at 13 after months of intense self-tutelage, completed my Bachelor’s in record time at 19, skipped a Masters, and then completed a 100,000 word doctoral thesis (PhD) at the age of 25. Here’s a link to an interview where I speak about all of this (in Tamil) – this was aired in July 2013 on the ASTRO network.

I consider myself a self-made woman, driving herself but acknowledging the role of roots, conditioning influences and the wider Universe in making that happen.

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In between all this academic ‘stuff’, I engaged myself with several years’ worth of social work, contributing what I could to the social, educational and general improvement of the Malaysian-Indian community, alongside my father Mr. Thannambikkai Balasubramaniam – the man who coined the phrase ‘Thanmunaippu Payirtchi’ (Self-Confidence Seminar) in the Tamil language and made motivational seminars accessible to all segments of the Malaysian-Tamil community.


Speaking on stage is something that I have been very comfortable doing and have addressed crowds (in person) of about 3,000 people and have spoken on numerous Tamil-language radio and TV programs in Malaysia. I have also taught students ways to educate and empower themselves (as I did) and have raised awareness on the brain and its remarkable capabilities. Recently, I was also featured as a guest speaker on Intention Radio, a multi-national radio platform with a global audience.

You can also look at my LinkedIn profile to get an overview of the various professional and academic chapters of my life thus far.


My academic interests have varied and evolved through different phases of my life. When I was little, I loved astronomy, astrophysics and neuroscience – and so began my first degree in the US (on scholarship). There I received an introduction to the liberal arts and my taste for politics and justice grew – I then switched my major and my university and studied International Politics and History in Germany. My life-perspective (as an ethnic minority, as a woman) kept evolving through this time and I found myself with a scholarship to study Gendered Ceremony and Ritual in Parliament as part of a 5-year research project at the University of Warwick, UK. Those who’d like to view my thesis can do so here:

Through my academic studies of the world and its political institutions, after years of study I finally realize that I am (and happy to be labeled as such) a post-structural, post-colonial, feminist academic. One who seeks to write and live by the works she invests her energies into – which brings me onto a totally different facet of my life – one which I am integrating into my public, social and academic identity (and vice versa).


In addition to the identities described above  – I am a priestess, a holistic astrologer, a spiritualist, a writer, a poetess, an artist and a bunch of other things that I keep evolving into.My spiritual journey intensified when I went through several years of soul-searching during my PhD in the UK, and I have undertaken numerous pilgrimages to sacred sites in India, Nepal, the UK, Malaysia (so far) – all of which have deeply moved, transformed and awakened parts of me that I did not realize I had. Now I know, and here it is.

I run several pages dedicated to my spiritual and astrological explorations on FB which currently (as of 23.1.2015) reach nearly 10,000 people and continue to grow. I write regularly and publish on my FB public profile and network with spiritualists all across the globe.

One reason I wanted to make this profile and ‘go public’ as it were was to accept the different facets of my identity – a decidedly liberal academic  – a post-colonial, post-structural political scientist – a internationalist- a Malaysian-Tamil – an ethnic minority – a public speaker – a motivator – a priestess – a woman – a feminist – a Goddess worshiper – a star-lover – a poetess – and to demonstrate (to myself first of all) that they can all coexist in one person.

So here’s to co-existence and creation.


Vanakkam, Namaste and Blessings to all,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam, PhD

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